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Introduced for the 1st time in 2005 for the Indian Market

Moisture Cure Urethane

Due to the revolutionary properties of the MCU Coating's Single Component Moisture Cure Polyurea technology,MCU Coatings is able to offer you a coating system.

6 Interesting Properties


Don't Crack

MCU Coatings products are based on a 100% pure polyurethane resin. It is not comparable to traditional 2 component acrylic PU coatings, which contain only 20% - 30% pure PU resin. Bridge structures coated with MCU Coatings in harsh marine environments show no visible cracking after more than 23 years of exposure. Outstanding abrasion resistance using thin film "MCU" technology has been proven on the decks of RORO vessels from important shipping companies.


Chemical Resistant

The pure PU resin used in MCU Coatings has also proven an outstanding chemical resistance. Just like vinylester and silicones, pure polyure¬thanes are known to have a good chemical resistance. The higher chemical resistance of the used raw materials combined with high cross linking of the moisture cure technology makes a very chemical resistant product. This is the explanation for the success of MCU systems used in chemically harsh environments like in the waste water-, chemical, petrochemical and pulp- and paper industry.


Proven Excellent UV resistance

Tropical UV exposure testing have proven a UV resistance of 95% after 36months of exposure. Offshore structures coated for the various Coast Guard authorities in safety colours have proven perfect colour stability and UV resistance after 10 years of exposure.


Manage Resist Blistering

MCU Coatings uses Micaceous Iron Oxide in primer, intermediate and topcoat. MIO creates a designed permeability into the coating. This means that moisture damp is allowed to penetrate, but the structure also allows vapour to dissipate without forming blisters. This technology allows for high film builds also makes the coating more tolerant to salt contaminated substrates.


Thin film technology

Recent testing performed by Government Agencies for the marine structures have proven that the MCU Coatings systems using thin film technology outperform the currently best performing organic/inorganic MCU MioZinc, coal tar epoxy systems at average total DFT of 360μm. Systems like MCU Zinc overcoated with a MIO intermediate and a UV resistant coloured topcoat at 200μm total DFT or even MC-Zinc overcoated with 2 coats of MCU Alutopcoat at only 150μm total DFT exceeded the performance of the best performing traditional system after 10000 hrs of cyclic testing. The USACE spends more than 70 million dollars every year fighting corrosion.


Outstanding Performance

Proven outstanding performance to marginal surface preparation:
A comparison test performed by another Government Agency dealing with road construction, an organisation that covers the maintenance of more than 200.000 steel bridges, has proven the superior performance of "MCU" coatings to minimally prepared substrates. The FHWA tested 2 MCU Coatings systems applied to
A. An SA 2,5 blasted substrate and
B. a mechanically prepared substrate.
The results were astonishing.