Moisture Cure Urethane (MCU)

Technology that minimises human errors, doubles productivity, offers huge savings on Time & Project Costs apart from protecting the assets for extended periods. Creates earning while you pay for the Services by allowing assets to be taken back into service within half the time. Imagine a situation where a project to be executed within 2 months which otherwise would have taken 4 months and helps in revenue generation.

Speciality Services (Fire Retardant Coating)

Presenting the Specialty Coatings with a fire rating of 120 minutes and working further with a goal to achieve 180 minutes for both Steel & Concrete. Our developers have excellent focus with required testing and performance to suit your needs and modify to the requirements that you are looking for.

Turn Key Contractors

With a background experience of around 25 years in the field of Corrosion, we have our own approved list of applicators who are well trained & equipped with using MCU’s and all other Coatings to offer the best in line regarding quality & application procedures. Envisaging Single point responsibility with the entire team of ours, we take up the value of your assets inclusive of Supply & Application.

Miller Tool

Presented with the most tough Tungsten Carbide Steel bolts, this provides the best surface preparation without any hassles that are experienced with sand Blasting etc. This is tested for working under Zone 1 for critical applications in Oil & Gas & Offshore that provides the best surface preparation without fire catching. Certified to International Standards, easy to handle, less space occupied, this is best suited for Marine, Offshore & other critical areas with effective results.

Traditional Paint Technologies (Epoxy & Poly Urethane)

Provide with the best grade of traditional & conventional Coatings for all applications. This offers the best in quality & service compounded by better costs for the Projects.


With a backup team of experienced persons, we offer Consultancy Services on the Corrosion Protection Projects. We make site visits, make the recommendations, specifications that suit your needs and submit the proposals with assured guarantee for the performance of the Coating systems.


a) Traditional methods using Rock wool / Mineral wool and PUF for Cold Insulation.
b) Innovative technologies that offer insulation by coating for both Hot & Cold applications. Insulation thickness can drastically be reduced from few Inches & Centimetres to Millimetres with no further cladding required. Combined with anti-corrosive primer at the substrate giving the best of the both worlds in corrosion protection & insulation.